DWI Technologies provides technical consultancy to organisations that require assistance with running development projects.

Many of our consultancy clients engage with us at the implementation and validation phases of the development cycle.

In implementation engagements, we often work alongside our clients’ staff to deliver the code and advise on the most effective way of implementing difficult functionalities.

With validation assignments, we help design test matrices, manage bug tracking and elicit user feedback to ensure satisfaction.

DWI Technologies also provides consultancy with requirement analysis, where we assess business needs and evaluate operational requirements. We then make design recommendations so that the application meets those needs and satisfies the requirements.


The application development process typically consists of the following phases:

1 - discovery (or requirement analysis),
2 - application design,
3 - coding (or implementation),
4 - validation,
5 - maintenance.

We do engage at any of these phases; however the bulk of our consulting work lay from 1 to 4.


We specialise in software development with Java. Our development projects and consulting activities mostly revolve around this technology:

Java 2 Enterprise Edition

Java 2 Micro Edition

Java Server Pages

Additional area of expertise:

Web application development with PHP

Portal development

Automatic integration test system

Web security